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We are among the top criminal lawyers specializing in criminal litigation and representing clients in various Courts of India. The Law company and our Lawyers are among the foremost preferred for criminal cases and to deal with criminal issues such as banking frauds, intellectual property frauds, violation of cyber laws like the stealing of data and other such forgery, piracy cases, cheque dishonor cases, FEMA violation, Narcotics and Drugs cases, Custom & Excise Laws, General Criminal laws namely Bails, Trials, Suspension of Sentences, Appeals, Revisions, Quashing of FIR and Criminal Writs.

Criminal Cases are more difficult task to handle as compared to civil cases. The lawyers for criminal laws should be very dedicated towards saving the life and protecting the liberty of those innocent persons. They are required to persevere so that such persons may be saved from imprisonment or any penalty. Our Lawyers are experienced people who are well versed in all types of laws related to criminal cases. We have saved many of our clients from being penalized for miscellaneous issues and we enjoy good faith of all our clients. Our network is very strong and our capabilities very robust for criminal cases.

In today’s world the crime rate is increasing and the corporate world is no longer safe from it. There is a lot of criminal activity in the day to day routines of big companies. That is why we have a good number of corporate clients who seek our advice in various situations. The crimes in a company can be of various types due to large number of employee strength. Keeping an eye on each and every employee is very difficult therefore our Law Company is noted to be of indispensible assistance to such employers.

With all due respect to our policy of client privacy, we are not disclosing the names of our clients, though our clientele includes -

* Fortune 500 Corporations
* Large Organisations
* Organised Criminal Groups
* Individuals, Groups & Companies from Bollywood, the Entertainment and Media Industries
* Famous Personalities & Celebrities

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